17th of febbraio 2017 09:00 AM Link
#bettypoison #slave #bandcamp #berlin
15th of febbraio 2017 04:07 PM Link
A song about boobs
9th of febbraio 2017 03:45 PM Link
First video, fresh rage.

w/ Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla
30th of gennaio 2017 04:41 PM Link
What about you, fucking asshole?!
#bettypoison #live

Nunzio Falla // Lucia Conti
26th of gennaio 2017 10:00 PM Link
26th of gennaio 2017 06:02 PM Link
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26th of gennaio 2017 02:00 PM Link
#bettypoison #live
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25th of gennaio 2017 06:30 PM Link
25th of gennaio 2017 12:38 PM Link
HOLY BIBLE for everybody
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24th of gennaio 2017 06:00 PM Link
"Let's listen to this mix, I'm gonna make myself comfortable"
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24th of gennaio 2017 01:30 PM Link
"Fuck with me and fuck fuck fuck youuu"

|| https://bettypoison.bandcamp.com/album/poison-for-you #bettypoison
23rd of gennaio 2017 09:00 PM Link
Lovely Tracey with our second album <3

|| https://bettypoison.bandcamp.com/album/beauty-is-over #bettypoison
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23rd of gennaio 2017 06:30 PM Link
"So bad it's good"
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23rd of gennaio 2017 02:00 PM Link
21st of gennaio 2017 03:30 PM Link
Japan was freaking FUN!
#bettypoison #pandorasbliss #japan #tour
20th of gennaio 2017 09:05 PM Link
Mind your head!
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20th of gennaio 2017 01:44 PM Link
19th of gennaio 2017 10:00 PM Link
We love you guys, you know that!?

|| http://bettypoison.bigcartel.com/products #bettypoison
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19th of gennaio 2017 06:00 PM Link
"Yes guys, the sound is pretty good in here"
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19th of gennaio 2017 02:00 PM Link
15th of gennaio 2017 01:39 PM Link
Sunday mood
12th of gennaio 2017 12:46 PM Link
Touring is fun but exhausting. I wanna have baby fun again!

w/ Nunzio Falla
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11th of gennaio 2017 05:19 PM Link
One of my favourite albums of all times

#pattismith #heroes
10th of gennaio 2017 09:02 AM Link
Let's start the day with some black coffee, up for it?
30th of dicembre 2016 03:12 PM Link
There's no other place where I can work as well as I do here.

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27th of dicembre 2016 12:53 PM Link
Are you guys enjoying your holidays? This is mine.
#bettypoison #pattismith #Christmas #holiday #berlin
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18th of dicembre 2016 05:24 PM Link
I surely never liked doing Christmas presents. Actually I do not like presents at all.

But this one here is something!
#christmas #bettypoison
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14th of dicembre 2016 05:48 AM Link
In 2011 we toured Europe and we played at White Trаsh Fast Food in Berlin. We couldn't have guessed back then we would have moved to this amazing city one day. But here we are. Keep supporting the good spots in town, kids.
Nunzio Falla
Message image
12th of dicembre 2016 05:17 PM Link
#bettypoison #berlin
8th of dicembre 2016 01:30 PM Link
Rocking it hard in Japan! It seems like we weren't the only ones enjoying it ;) \m/
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7th of dicembre 2016 05:12 PM Link
Don't you think we don't write Christmas songs as well!
#bettypoison #berlin #bandcamp #christmas
6th of dicembre 2016 02:49 PM Link
Look there, we were #justkids!
#bettypoison #berlin #psychovicious
w/ Nunzio // Lucia
5th of dicembre 2016 10:03 AM Link
Have a rock'n'roll week, kids!
#bettypoison #berlin
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24th of novembre 2016 12:00 PM Link
We've always had the most amazing supporters! Thank you guys for let us always wanting to do more and more!

Merch up here: bettypoison.bigcartel.com

#bettypoison #merch #bigcartel #bandcamp
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23rd of novembre 2016 06:05 PM Link
Before dinner get some Paris Hilton up your ass!
#parishilton #bettypoison #berlin
23rd of novembre 2016 02:15 PM Link
"Noone Left"

// live acoustic music video here https://goo.gl/qUa4DP
// EP available -> http://bettypoison.bigcartel.com/product/jy
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18th of novembre 2016 10:39 AM Link
Friday mood
#friday #berlin #fetish
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9th of novembre 2016 05:47 PM Link
Feed the beast.
#postpunk #marshall #bettypoison
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31st of ottobre 2016 03:15 PM Link
Noisy old times // listen LOUD

you can still get in digital format
30th of ottobre 2016 05:35 PM Link
Evening song // "Noone Left" live at "The Chelsea Bar" in Berlin

from the EP "Jøy" // bettypoison.bigcartel.com

w/ Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla
4th of ottobre 2016 05:18 PM Link

Dancing Lucia at Sage Club (yeah, location is the kinky KitKatClub (Official))

w/ Nunzio Falla
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13th of settembre 2016 03:04 PM Link
Scream it LOUD LOUD LOUD !!

w/ Nunzio / Lucia
Message image
12th of settembre 2016 07:20 PM Link
I'm jolly as fuck. I see noone left around me.

w/ Nunzio / Lucia / Ein Arschloch
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12th of settembre 2016 12:29 PM Link
Yes baby, you can have it too! Follow the link
9th of settembre 2016 02:00 PM Link
Support you local band \m/
#berlin #rock #ep #bettypoison #jøy
6th of settembre 2016 04:23 PM Link
Lovely friends, we've prepared some special bundle offer for you!!

Come get your nasty t-shirt and a copy of our happiest album here:

love you HARD

w/ Nunzio Falla / Lucia Conti
3rd of settembre 2016 05:49 PM Link
I don't know where I'm going, but I just can't stop. Head-on!
#bettypoison #berlin
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22nd of agosto 2016 11:00 AM Link
Writing new tunes, kids!

w/ Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla
#dark #berlin #bettypoison
19th of agosto 2016 09:42 AM Link
Years ago we've covered this <3

Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla