4th of ottobre 2016 05:18 PM Link

Dancing Lucia at Sage Club (yeah, location is the kinky KitKatClub (Official))

w/ Nunzio Falla
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13th of settembre 2016 03:04 PM Link
Scream it LOUD LOUD LOUD !!

w/ Nunzio / Lucia
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12th of settembre 2016 07:20 PM Link
I'm jolly as fuck. I see noone left around me.

w/ Nunzio / Lucia / Ein Arschloch
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12th of settembre 2016 12:29 PM Link
Yes baby, you can have it too! Follow the link
9th of settembre 2016 02:00 PM Link
Support you local band \m/
#berlin #rock #ep #bettypoison #jøy
6th of settembre 2016 04:23 PM Link
Lovely friends, we've prepared some special bundle offer for you!!

Come get your nasty t-shirt and a copy of our happiest album here:

love you HARD

w/ Nunzio Falla / Lucia Conti
3rd of settembre 2016 05:49 PM Link
I don't know where I'm going, but I just can't stop. Head-on!
#bettypoison #berlin
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22nd of agosto 2016 11:00 AM Link
Writing new tunes, kids!

w/ Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla
#dark #berlin #bettypoison
19th of agosto 2016 09:42 AM Link
Years ago we've covered this <3

Lucia Conti // Nunzio Falla
17th of agosto 2016 06:00 PM Link
Today I've been harvesting Chardonnay grapes. Are you a wine lover as well?
#wine #countryside #Italy
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17th of agosto 2016 06:00 AM Link
It's gonna be a very long day on the island #holiday #Italy
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8th of agosto 2016 07:14 PM Link
My boots don't fear any summer #nocompromise
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6th of agosto 2016 09:13 AM Link
Holidays can finaly start!

#nickcave #yesplease
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26th of luglio 2016 05:17 PM Link
Nunzio was invited for a little performance on stage with CHOKE DASH and Evelyn Frantti to support the amazing rock'n'roll band EAT LIPSTICK at the Christopher Street Day/Berlin Pride 2006
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9th of luglio 2016 12:48 PM Link
Hey kids, aren't we sweet acoustic'n'glittery? <3

w/ Nunzio Falla, Lucia Conti, Huma Rojo, Dawn Lintern, Freshmilk TV, FluxFM, Ein Arschloch, Grant Box, Lehua Lií Ludlow, Annie Myshkin Pandora, Hanna Schulze
4th of luglio 2016 11:10 AM Link
We do love it!
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24th of giugno 2016 04:51 PM Link
The guitar player is such an asshole he turned into Ein Arschloch.

Tonight he's DJing at NEU! Bar in Berlin.

Fun, fun, fun. Gin, gin, gin! Atonement.
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13th of giugno 2016 04:31 PM Link
#Orlandoshooting #WeStandWithOrlando
12th of giugno 2016 02:56 PM Link
Today I'm the faceless man.

Custom t-shirt by Ein Arschloch
#einarschloch #diy #berlin #bettypoison
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5th of giugno 2016 01:57 PM Link
Die Mensch-Maschine
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28th of maggio 2016 01:29 PM Link
Enjoying the Wintergarten w/ Nunzio Falla, Huma Rojo, Lucia Conti, Annie Myshkin Pandora, Ein Arschloch
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15th of maggio 2016 03:02 PM Link
Radio bitches w/ Nunzio & Lucia
#berlin #fluxfm
19th of aprile 2016 02:02 PM Link
Love you Berlin! #nogender #gay
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15th of aprile 2016 05:03 PM Link
New baby on board!
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9th of aprile 2016 01:27 PM Link
Busy afternoon!
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2nd of aprile 2016 02:48 PM Link
Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine
31st of marzo 2016 12:00 PM Link
Feel Jøyful and get a copy of our EP <3
26th of marzo 2016 01:45 PM Link
Oh shit! It's already resurrection time!
#bettypoison #easter #berlin #jesuschrist
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16th of marzo 2016 03:32 PM Link
Not bad, I swear!
14th of marzo 2016 12:31 PM Link
Wear us and listen to us || do it here <3

5th of marzo 2016 08:11 PM Link
About to hit the town.
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5th of marzo 2016 04:25 PM Link
I want you and now I want MORE
13th of febbraio 2016 09:01 PM Link
Going out and basically showing off my muscles #bettypoison #berlin
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10th of febbraio 2016 02:28 PM Link
Japan days
29th of gennaio 2016 09:13 AM Link
Homophobes are all around us. Thanks for reporting our stuff. It surely created us problems, but this is nothing compared to what you do to gay people and families every day. So, you're eventually the living evidence of what we were trying to prove.
Cari omofobi, grazie di aver segnalato le nostre cose. Di sicuro ci avete creato problemi, ma questo è niente, rispetto a quello che fate passare ogni giorno agli omosessuali e alle loro famiglie. Era esattamente quello che stiamo cercando di far capire al mondo.
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23rd of gennaio 2016 12:32 PM Link
Spot the difference. Something needs to change NOW. #Svegliatitalia
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23rd of gennaio 2016 12:15 PM Link
#svegliatitalia, è ora di essere civili.
23rd of gennaio 2016 10:40 AM Link
Today our fellow italians are fighting for gay rights in the streets. There's no doubt where we stand. #svegliatitalia
18th of gennaio 2016 07:01 PM Link
Reading a stunning book by Alessandra Perna (Luminal). And the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness didn't overcome it <3 L.
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17th of gennaio 2016 12:46 PM Link
Welcome back, my dear underpants. L.
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15th of gennaio 2016 06:21 PM Link
Il mio personale tributo a Bowie. E a Berlino. L.
14th of gennaio 2016 06:57 PM Link
Getting shaved in my hometown. If you look behind me, you'll notice a photo of me, from the "Silly pop song" photoshooting. I definitely look like someone else! :) L.
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14th of gennaio 2016 09:47 AM Link
"I want it and I'm ready to take it
you know that I know how to get it"
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11th of gennaio 2016 12:08 PM Link
Bowie mattered to me more than anybode else. Bowie, Berlin and my life were linked like a chain reaction all these years, since I used to play his songs in somebody's garage, holding a cheap guitar and thinking of Mars.
I feel like shit. Seriously. L.
10th of gennaio 2016 04:13 PM Link
De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine
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10th of gennaio 2016 11:35 AM Link
Chatting on FluxFM
7th of gennaio 2016 04:43 PM Link
How much I love it. L.
7th of gennaio 2016 08:47 AM Link
I have no choice and you have no rights
you think you’re mean but so am I
3rd of gennaio 2016 12:09 PM Link
I wanna have our new things recorded. This should always be absolute priority for a band. Having things recorded. Gigs pass, everything changes and somehow disappears, but not the songs. Songs are forever.
1st of gennaio 2016 04:23 PM Link
Happy new year! Cheers! <3

w/ Nunzio Falla Lucia Conti
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